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Hi, I’m Diane Brown, a Tasmanian glass artist specialising in leadlight, stained glass, slumped glass and glass mosaic. My kiln formed glass is ideal for jewellery and feature pieces in the home and commercial spaces.  I welcome public and private commissions and will work with you to craft the perfect design.



Stained Glass

Design inspired by nature, embracing all the beautiful Autumn colours.  A trip to Bright in Victoria  was instrumental in the making of this piece.

mosaic guitar 001 (408x640).jpg


My husband is a guitarist and this guitar wasn’t being played much. I decorated it with a glass mosaic and it was soon on display at Artefacts Gallery. A visiting guitarist came in and had a play. It’s now part of his collection.

red japanese set_1.jpg

Slumped Glassware

These slumped glass plates feature natural motifs, ideal for the home. Ideal for chocolates or nuts, a scented candle or soap. From palm-sized dishes to mid-sized platters, my slumped glass designs are a vibrant addition to any home. 


My Story.

How did I get started working with glass?


After attending a workshop at my local hall I made my first window. After that, I was hooked. It became my passion and soon I was making leadlight windows and lampshades for customers throughout Tasmania. Many of these works were my original designs. I also began creating and restoring period windows for old homes especially in the New Town area. I've also done more modern styles for Nursing homes, workplaces and modern homes.


From there, I began making small items such as birds, angels, butterflies and gifts. It was at this time that I became a member of Artefacts Gallery in Salamanca. 


I love to recycle and started using the smaller pieces in mosaics. I have made several wall murals, mosaic ducks, birdbaths and garden ornaments. I even do musical instruments. 


Murals of my design are at South Arm Primary School and Clarendon Vale Primary School.


My second love is gardening and this led me to a course in block carving where I learned to carve out my own ideas for mosaicing. These include owls, wedgetail eagles, bird baths, turtles, table tops and garden pots.


I have my own kiln and create beautiful bowls, plates , jewellery, wall hangings and just recently mushrooms for the garden. I have sold my items all over Australia and am still a member at Artefacts Gallery.


I have been creating and selling my work for 25 years.

Underwater scene cropped 2.jpg


Thanks for submitting!

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