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Stained Glass / Leadlighting

I find colours very uplifting and glass shows off the colours to perfection. A leadlight window either abstract or traditional, or a suspended suncatcher can brighten any room or verandah in your home. Butterflies, blue wrens, robins and native birds are a specialty of mine.

leadlight windows 009.jpg
green mirror.jpg

The Kookaburras

Birds and animals are one of my favourite stained glass themes.

Architectural Glass

Stained glass windows in classic Australian and Art Deco designs.

Framed Mirrors

Classic and modern styled mirrors within a stained glass frame make a lively addition to any interior.

Blue Wrens

Birds and animals are one of my favourite stained glass themes.

Barbeque window

Outdoor barbeque window

Hanging stained glass wren in a circle

The ever popular blue wren to hang in your window and enjoy 

bbque window.JPG


Imagine the amount of glass left over from making a large window, this is what encourage me to start making glass mosaics. Almost anything can be covered in mosaic – garden ornaments, bowls, house numbers, table and pots. I have had commissions for more unusual items such as an elephant, cats on large pots from someone’s photos and leafy sea dragon on birdbaths.

eagle 005.jpg
beach treasures2.jpg

Cat Mask Mosaic

Combining glass mosaic with hebel stone is a great combination for garden ornaments.

The Eagle

I've done many animal mosaics such as this design on an eagle sculpture as well as many vases with pet designs.

Beach Treasures

Combining coloured glass with found objects from the beach, creates a bright and dynamic design.

Slumped Glass

I find this very satisfying, arranging the glass in my kiln and waiting several hours to see the results. If it doesn’t work out it can be cut up and re-used to create another piece. No Waste. My mind is constantly searching for new ideas.

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